There was Once a Guy by R. Omid Golestaneh

Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Didaar invites you to join us for a discussion session on There Was Once a Guy, a novel by R. Omid Golestaneh. Golestaneh will read a selection of passages from the book, and then we will discuss the novel. The main themes of the novel include trauma, immigration, loss, and memory. Once described as a

On Transgressive Art

5/26/19, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Presenters: Kaveh Rafie & Yasaman Moussavi During the peak of the Cold War in the mid-fifties and the reaction to the Vietnam War in the late sixties, transgressive art became more popular. The French school such as (Micheal Foucault) on the one hand and the avant-garde artists and critics, including (Antonin Artaud) and (Georges Bataille), on the other hand, constituted a theoretical benchmark

The Wind Will Carry Us:

Join Didaar for a screening and discussion celebrating the life and work of the renowned Iranian filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016). The event includes the screening of selected short films by Kiarostami and by his students, honoring his legacy, and talks on Kiarostami’s cinema by Dr. Amir Ali Nojoumian, Associate Professor of English and Critical Theory at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, and Maziyar Faridi, Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literary Studies

On Identity Politics

هویت و سیاست هویتی یکی از مفاهیم جوامع چند فرهنگی معاصر است. تاریخ سیاستهای هویتی به اواخر قرن ۱۸ بر می‌گردد و به دورانی که تفکرات ارتجاعی جناح راست بر خلاف جریان روشنگری، معتقد به برتری طبقه سفید پوست و الیت جامعه بر دیگر طبقات بود. بعد از روی کار آمدن نازی ها و هولوکاست، سیاستهای هویتی زمانه که معتقد به برتری نژادی بود کمرنگ شد و سیاستهای هویتی وسیله